How to login to router admin settings ?

One of the biggest issues that people face is with the router admin settings. Users are not able to login the router admin panel. There can many issues behind it like typing the wrong IP address for accessing the admin panel. For example: many users log in to access their router’s settings which may or maynot be true as it can lead them to an error, so getting the IP address right is very important.

A router’s login admin settings is a way to change a lot of the important settings in a network like

  • Changing the router’s proxy settings

  • Configuring the DNS also called Domain Name Server

  • Setting the DHCP Client: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol that allows assigning the address to a computer or a node

  • Access to change wireless function settings like important credentials

  • Access the MAC address and set security settings to WPA or WPA2

Let’s have a look at the different login steps for routers of famous brands

Comcast business router login

If you have a comcast business router then here are the steps which need to be followed.


  1. You need to be connected via any Computer / Laptop with an ethernet cable to any Lan port 1-4 of the Comcast Gateway.

  2. After you are connected, open the browser on your system and in the address field and go the address, a login screen will welcome you. You need to enter the username and password, if the router is new then you need to use the default login details.

  3. If you seem to have stuck at the default gateway , the solution is to press the black button present at the back of the Comcast Gateway (CG) for 15 seconds. It will do a factory reset after which you can use the default credentials.

Username: cusadmin

Password: highspeed

Comcast xfinity router login

Comcast xfinity is a popular communication network company that did the rebranding in 2010. Now they offer all their network related entities under the new name xfinity. Since it is one of the most popular brand that manufactures routers. A lot of the users are totally unaware about their default setup for login.

Follow the below steps to login for comcast xfinity router:

  1. Either connect the wire to your PC or you can even access the login page from a wireless device. Just ensure you are connected to the correct network

  2. Open your local web browser and type in which will open the default login page. It is the address to access the login page for comcast routers. Users often go ahead and type which may give them error as it is not the correct address to access the login page.

  3. You can even enter or if the above address doesn’t work. There is no need to add http:// or https:// ahead of the address.

  4. Now enter the default credentials like the username and the password. In case you don’t know it. See for the information on the box. In most cases here are the possible combinations:

The default values for admin are- •Root •User •Admin.

The default values for password are- •Motorola High-speed Password • W2402

  1. Users often do the mistake of going to the wrong address like they will type instead of which gives them an error. However if you have entered everything correct then you will be taken to the login page, ready to change settings that you wish to.

Netgear router login

Netgear is another very popular router and as is the case with all the popular routers, users are always confused about accessing the admin settings page. Follow the below steps and you will easily be able to access the default gateway:

  1. Firstly make sure you are connected to the netgear router either via an ethernet cable or a wireless connection.  

  2. Open the local web browser on your device and type , a login window will appear

  3. Here you need to enter the default username and password, else if you have changed it then you may enter your credentials here:

Default username: admin

Default password:

  1. Now you can access the page and make changes that you wish to

Cisco Router Login

Cisco as a brand needs no introduction. They have two types of wireless routers: Linksys and Cisco Valet. Both these routers can be often seen across homes and business offices. They are very popular and known for the durability and speed. Accessing both of them requires a different process.

For Cisco linksys routers

  1. Make sure you are connected to the router as every router has a different address like some may have while others may have in the line of

  2. Once connected, open the local browser and type the address in the address field.

  3. It will take you to the login page where you need to enter the details. Once done now you can change the settings like SSID and much more

For Cisco valet router

  1. For valet router, you just need to connect to the router. Once done, go ahead and insert the easy setup key in the USB port.

  2. A pop window shall appear where you will be greeted with the installation wizard

  3. Follow the instructions and you will be set to go


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